Blackstone Life Sciences is an industry-leading private investment platform with capabilities to invest across the life-cycle of companies and products within the key life sciences sectors. The business fills a critical void in the industry, which is seeing unprecedented growth driven by rapid advancements in science and technology, but lacks the necessary funding to bring medicines and healthcare technologies to market.

In launching this new platform, Blackstone acquired Clarus, a leading global life-sciences firm. Blackstone Life Sciences retains and builds on Clarus’ hands-on approach of leveraging its scientific and clinical development expertise in adapting to an ever-changing investment landscape. This includes a focus on funding growth-stage investments, often in partnership with major biopharmaceutical companies through R&D collaborations.

Clarus’ world-class team has invested in more than 50 companies in the biopharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic sectors, across multiple disease areas.

Blackstone Life Sciences is uniquely suited to provide capital and expertise to this sector, helping accelerate the clinical development process to bring vital, but underfunded, products to market.

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