Apr 19, 2017

VIDEO: How the Blackstone Charitable Foundation Unlocks the Potential of Entrepreneurs

Since 2010, the Blackstone Charitable Foundation has deployed over $40 million to programs that support and empower entrepreneurs.  With programs focused on supporting entrepreneurs from college campuses to the next high-growth companies, Blackstone Charitable Foundation programs reach over 30 regions and thousands of entrepreneurs. A new video released this week profiles a few of the benefactors of these programs.  

Entrepreneurs like Ashley and Kaitlin – two best friends who started Pulp Pantry, a company that makes delicious, healthy snacks from the organic juice pulp typically discarded as waste by juiceries. The two discovered the Blackstone LaunchPad Program, which supports student entrepreneurs on 20 college campuses, while studying as undergraduate students at USC. Blackstone LaunchPad helped provided the support and coaching they needed to get their business off the ground. Pulp Pantry is now available at retailers and online nationwide.  

Entrepreneurs like Kevin – who started Aqus Water Filters, a company that creates modular, income-generating water filters designed around the needs and budget of people in the developing world. Each filter can effectively and efficiently clean water for up to 75 people a day, and lasts for 5 years.  Kevin came to Blackstone LaunchPad on his campus seeking guidance on how to grow and scale his business. Aqus is now helping thousands of families every day get access to clean water.

Entrepreneurs like Heather and Krista
– Coloradans who developed PharmaJet, which produces needle-free devices to safely and effectively administer vaccines. Through the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network, PharmaJet has received access to mentors, capital and resources to expand its research and continue to change the game of vaccine delivery.  

To date, Blackstone Charitable Foundation programs have supported over 9,800 companies and the creation of 24,000 jobs. Watch our new video to learn more about how Blackstone Entrepreneurs are building companies, creating jobs, and changing the world.