Jun 20, 2018

This Pride Month, Blackstone is Proud to Support Its LGBTQ Employees


As part of its diversity and inclusion efforts, Blackstone established OUT BX, a group dedicated to raising awareness of social and professional challenges impacting LGBTQ individuals. 

The group, which started as an organic initiative by employees across the firm, hosts events where LGBTQ employees and supporters can interact and connect with the LGBTQ community, helping to create a strong community culture to recruit and retain talented LGBTQ individuals.

Last year, OUT BX had the opportunity to host the latest episode of the Blackstone podcast, in which Tony James spoke with former Congressman Barney Frank – the first openly gay member of Congress – about his personal and professional advocacy for the LGBTQ community over a three-decade career on Capitol Hill.  

Most recently, Out BX hosted Nathan Manske, Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit organization ‘I’m From Driftwood,’ for a conversation about the science and power of storytelling and how ‘I’m From Driftwood’ is helping LGBTQ individuals to tell their own story.